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10:59pm 11-24-2022
epic website
2:50pm 11-06-2022
oOOwaoOah my god, I used to follow you when i had a twitter 5ever ago!! I ABSOLUTELY LOVE LOVE YOUR ART SO MUCH! I can't tell you how happy I was when i found out you had a neocities!!! <3 <3 <3 <3
10:50pm 10-05-2022

Link to SEFY, my beautiful Neocities site!
11:34pm 09-23-2022
Auuugh I love reading your bloggg
2:14am 09-19-2022
5:50pm 08-24-2022
doodly doo
oh my gosh, your site is so CUTE!! i love that you have so many pages for your OCs, it put me on such a journey lol... there's so many graphics and little details that i just LOVE! and your art is so clean, i envy how crisp your lines are....

(a note, though: i had to click off of the blog section because the font was too low-contrast in color compared to the bg and hard for me to read... i would love to be able to see more of your thoughts in a more accessible format!)
10:44pm 08-22-2022
love ur site it is soooo adorable <3
1:12am 08-03-2022
Tei Kazami
Nice looking website
4:16pm 07-31-2022
I'm compulsively singing "SUPER SONIC RACINGGGGGG" now haha
2:29pm 07-24-2022
Love your site man omg!!!!
2:29pm 07-12-2022
hi i just read your manifesto thank you for your thoughts
5:30am 06-27-2022
happy (slightly early?) birthday!!!!!! your website is super cute i really like the graphics and the layout. and congrats on the degree that's so exciting!! hope u have an excellent week
4:22am 06-10-2022
wow!! ur website is so fun and cool it’s very nice here!!!
10:22pm 06-04-2022
AWESOME WEBSITE it reminds me of my fantage days tbh. hope youre doing well : D
1:50pm 05-30-2022
Love the site! Used it as ref to make my own, actually
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